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Innovative thinking

Optimization of manufacturing processes

Optimization of established production processes is a necessary point to reduce production costs. Laborchemie Apolda offers its experience and its capabilities for the review of an existing process or the development of a new process beginning from the idea to the final product. If you are looking for a partner for your innovative product from the idea to production, contact us.

Product development

Beginning from the synthesis scheme on paper to the synthesis in lab scale.


After the successful development, the process is transferred into production stepwise. The first step is the scale-up process which is done in small scale production equipment up to 100L. This step is followed by the production.


For API products Laborchemie Apolda is able to compile Drug Master Files (DMF). Laborchemie Apolda is experienced in the preparation of these documents for European authorities and the authorities of several non-european countries like USA and Japan.


We arrange the transport of the goods with our logistic partners. APIs were shipped under the actual GDP guidelines.


State-of-the-art technology

Custom synthesis

Laborchemie Apolda is a reliable partner for custom synthesis. The broad range of our equipment and our flexibility allows us the perform nearly all kinds of chemical reactions. We offer our services for the production of specialty chemicals and for the production of APIs under GMP conditions. If you are looking for a partner for the production of special chemicals or APIs send an inquiry to


Structural analysis

Analytic development

Our well equiped analytic department allows fast analytics during process development and production. Starting from standard analytic questions like impurity profiling, we are able to handle complex analytic development, impurity identifications and the isolation of impurities. Laborchemie Apolda offers this service to external partners. If you need additional information or you are faced with an analytic question, please send an inquiry to

analytical equipment
  • cGMP-laboratories (FDA-approved)
  • Analytical equipment state-of-the-art
  • Bruker MS300 triplequad  mass spectrometry coupled to a GC-FID
  • Bruker MicroTOF-Q II mass spectrometry coupled to a UHPLC-UV
  • ReactIR-system (FTIR-technology)
  • GC-FID
  • GC-Headspace
  • Bruker 300MS TripleQuad mass spectrometry
  • high-resolution mass spectrometry Bruker MicroTOF-Q II
  • HPLC-DAD-ELSD coupling
  • UHPLC-DAD-UV coupling
  • multidimensional RSLC-DAD-FLD coupling (up to six column circuits)