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Laborchemie Apolda is a family run mid-sized company, located in the thuringian city of Apolda. Since its foundation in 1949 as VEB Laborchemie Apolda special chemicals and APIs were produced. After the reunification of Germany, LCA was acquired by HEYL Chemisch-pharmazeutischen Fabrik in 1993. Laborchemie Apolda is a 100% subsidiary of HEYL.

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Our mother company HEYL Chemisch-pharmazeutische Fabrik is an independent family run company, located in Berlin since its foundation in 1926. In cooperation with its subsidiaries, HEYL is working on the marketing and the approval of final dosage forms, especially in the field of antidotes.

Heyltex Corporation situated in Houston, Texas (USA) was founded in 1979. HEYL Japan was founded in Tokio in 1983 as the japanese subsiduary of HEYL. The focus of both subsidiaries is sales of the final dosage forms for the American- and the Japanesemarket. The most known product RADIOGARDASE® is an antidote for intoxications with radioactive caesium and thallium.


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subsidiary of HEYL Chem.-pharm. Fabrik Berlin


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