Equipment. Processes.

Lean production: reliable processes, short process times

Using the combination of modular systems and multifunctional equipment results in manufacturing processes, which fulfil all costumer requirements. Lean production – high quality products, short process times. If you need further information on our capabilities, please send an inquiry by mail to

From lab scale to production in small ton scale: we offer possibilities for all amounts.


Our experience. Your order: Multifunctional equipment for highest demands, purity and scalability in cGMP- and non-GMP-areas.



Plant technology

Laborchemie Apolda combines produce dedicated equipment and multi purpose equipment for the maunfacturing of APIs, specialty chemicals and technical chemicals. The production building is separated into cGMP- and non-GMP-areas.

  • Glass-lined reactors from 160 L till 3200 L
  • Stainless steel reactors from 600 L till 1000 L
  • Glass reactors from 30 L till 300 L
  • Destillation columns for high vacuum (< 1 mbar)
  • Stainless steel centrifuges, Hastelloy pressure filters
  • Various dryer
  • temperature range from -25 °C till +160 °C

Many years of experience

Chemical reaction types

  • Acylation / Alkylation
  • Bromination
  • Cyclisation
  • Chloration with Thionylchloride
  • Ethersynthesis
  • Organometallic reactions
  • Grignard-reactions
  • Suzuki cupplings
  • Hydrogenations (< 6 bar)
  • NaBH4 reductions
  • LiAIH4 reductions
  • Ring closure reactions
  • Esterfications
  • Handling of H2S
  • Handling of hazardous chemicals (POCl3, PCl3, TiCl4)

Various possibilities

Chemical name reactions

Nearly all known chemical reactions from A like aldol-reactions to Z like Ziegler-Natta-Reaction can be performed in our production equipment. If you are looking for a partner for special reactions, please do not hesitate to contact us and send an inquiry to